About Me pages: Someone Trying to Make Money Online

My personal methods of making money online are based on the fact that they are real and help me make money. The list of my online methods of earning money is reveal what I do and what my results are. The methods I use to earn money represent my efforts of ten years of online working; and all of these methods are still viable option for me and for others. My overall criteria of online earning are the consistent income, meaning and purpose of self, and to get free time for myself. Thus, these criteria drove me to test various methods of online income. However, the top of these methods is to sell on EBay. During my early teenage years, I used to play transformers, LEGO, and GI-Joe. Then I added new games, such as Nintendo, and Sega and Gameboy. Throughout this stage I bought and sold games and toys to make some cash. I came to know about eBay that is the best way to get experience for making money online because eBay has traffic and it allows selling and getting some experience of transactions. Thus, for me eBay is the fantastic method of making quick money on internet.

I also have been selling my games and related products through different websites; however, I launched my own successful website. As I was already a game and card trader, my site became the Magic card store. I stocked my site with my own cards at the initial stage, but added sealed cards by purchasing at wholesale. My business did great enough, although daily trips to the post office, packing cards, and maintaining list was not a fun way all the time. However, I enjoyed my own little business while I was a university student. At the initial stage of my career when I had very little income. For some period on my blog I asked many people to submit their services and products for paid reviews. They had to pay fee and I was writing articles about the product/service. I used to highlight both positive and negative point of the product or service. Later on when my there was increase in my blog audience; I started testing the method of earning online money with affiliate marketing. My initial tests were positive. The affiliate income became my highest source of income due to increase in the number of audience of my blog and newsletters.